In the face of the pandemic: Vilnius Christmas Town has moved online


24 days left till Christmas. It is a high time to safely buy gifts without leaving home – there are nearly 200 e-shops waiting in the online Christmas Town of Vilnius ready to make various Christmas wishes come true. And no town would be a real Christmas town without a Christmas tree. Thus modern 3D technologies have been used help people to visit the tree: virtual tours not only allow to walk around the Christmas tree of Vilnius in the Cathedral Square, which was named the most beautiful Christmas tree in Europe, but also to explore the interior of the installation, which is just as impressive. The online Christmas town and the virtual tour are available online at

A convenient space for participants from different corners of Lithuania was created free of charge. Starting 1 December, craftsmen can present their works which they created during the year for the holiday season and offer to buy original, mostly handmade gifts. 7 special huts of the online Christmas town, which are a tradition of the usual Vilnius Christmas town when they are arranged around the Christmas tree, welcome visitors in the colourful online Christmas town, which is the largest in the entire Baltic region. They will help visitors to conveniently choose gifts depending on what they want.

There are almost 200 different craftsmen, entrepreneurs, farmers, artists and creators in the online Christmas town offering on their online stores fancy, warm, sweet, gourmet, fragrant, interesting and fun gifts for every taste.

“This is our first time at a Christmas fair and another little miracle in our life, which my wife, children and good friends have contributed to. I am very grateful to them and I look forward to sharing my oak products, which will be creating a new story in homes of buyers”, – Giedrius Juodis, the craftsman of OAK & Coziness from Utena talked excitedly about the opportunity to take part in the virtual Christmas fair.

“Trading online and staying visible in the entire Lithuanian market is difficult, because there are a lot of creative people. You have to stand out, to be unique. The opportunity to be a part of the online Christmas town is a challenge full of new emotions,” says Irena Trusienė from “Stiliaus Pakopos”, who sells handmade genuine leather and stone jewellery online for the second consecutive year.

A variety of offers is really exciting: handmade jewellery made of silk, ceramics, amber and natural stones, personalized jewellery made of gold and silver, traditional Christmas-scented Advent wreaths, personalized Christmas tree toys, hand-knitted patterned socks, fur-trimmed felt coats, caramel lollipops and gingerbread, cakes, jams and honey, gourmet spices and exotic dried crickets, scented candles, oils, natural cosmetics, games and puzzles for children, vinyl records and instruments for music fans. Let alone plenty of unique works of wood, textile, paper, porcelain and ceramics.

Each visitor is definitely very welcome at the online Christmas town, where they will receive a warm greeting and a safe service.

The virtual online Christmas town will be open from 1 December 2020 till the very end of the holiday season on 7 January 2021.

Let’s stay at home, protect ourselves and those around us, and welcome Christmas healthy!

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A surreal Christmas tree has been lit up in Vilnius Cathedral Square  


Saulius Žiūra photo

The main Christmas tree of the country has just been lit up in Vilnius Cathedral Square. This year, the Christmas tree is like a surreal painting, the transformations of which are appealing and telling a unique Christmas story, revealing the surprise hidden inside. If you look closely, you will see that by connecting the square parts playfully separated from the central part of the Christmas tree, another figure of the Christmas tree in the diameter of 12 m can be seen. 

I have been carrying the idea of this Christmas tree for several years, it was just waiting for the right time to unfold and be presented. Marked with significant transformations in various fields, this year is somewhat reminiscent of the surrealism that emerged a hundred years ago. Unconsciously, it influenced the creative processes and awakened the desire to change the shape of the Christmas tree in the capital and to create an unpredictable, modern and at the same time authentic installation of the Christmas tree. This year’s Christmas tree is different from its predecessors as it has transformed and “has gone” beyond its limits. The concept of the Christmas tree reflects the progress of modern technologies, changes in the society, human differences, movement, urban life and development, highlights Vilnius as a modern and dynamic city,” said Dominykas Koncevičius, the representative of “Švenčių studija” and the author of the Christmas tree.

Saulius Žiūra photo

The Christmas tree in the Cathedral Square is a modern colourful composition of 26 m in width and 24 m in height. The installation of metal structures is surrounded by as many as 6,000 naturally fragrant spruce branches, which are decorated with almost 4 km of dynamically colour-changing RGB garlands, 800 pcs. of silver toys and 150 square meters of shining mirrors.  

For almost half a year, a team of 25 specialists from different fields was looking for technical solutions for this unusual Christmas tree and preparing for its production. The installation of the Christmas tree, which was taken care of by 10 people, took about 2 weeks.  

Remigijus Šimašius, the Mayor of Vilnius, who lit up the Vilnius Christmas tree, greeted the residents of Vilnius and the guests of the city.  

Saulius Žiūra photo

“It’s the perfect timing for a surreal Christmas tree, because when reality becomes too prickly and complicated, salvation lies in the creativity and imagination of us all. Let’s celebrate this Christmas by dedicating it to discovery and cognition. When you can’t make an appointment in the city, make an appointment with the city!” said the Mayor.

Vilnius Christmas tree is surprising not only on the outside but also on the inside. The layout of the Christmas tree structures opens up several mirrored spaces, and a surprise awaits inside the installation, which is the complete opposite of the external image. Here you will find a classic Christmas tree decorated with antique decorations, which create a cosy atmosphere of Christmas at home. As if traveling in time, it moves back to the last century, reminiscent of old traditions.

This year, coffee producer Paulig is contributing to the lighting of the Christmas tree in the capital together with the renewable energy company Green Genius, which has been implementing a sustainable energy initiative in Lithuania for four years: coffee grounds collected from the capital’s major business and shopping centres are processed into environmentally friendly electricity in a biogas plant. Lighting up of the capital’s Christmas tree will need more than 21 tons or more than 2.1 million coffee cup grounds during the entire festive period, which will be turned into sustainable electricity.  

The Christmas tree will be surprising others and creating a festive mood until the 7th of January. The second Christmas tree will be lit up on the 5th of December in the City Hall Square.

Although there is no traditional Christmas town surrounding the Christmas tree in the Cathedral Square this year, the organizers of “Christmas in the Capital” invite to choose gifts from the many goodies offered at the virtual Christmas fair – E-Christmas Town, which will be waiting for visitors from the 1st of December at




This year, Christmas in Vilnius will be different: brighter, closer to home and with alternative ideas


Due to the pandemic “Christmas in Vilnius” of 2020 will be different – less gathering, but more light and decorations throughout the city. A counterweight to a reality that limits everyone will be a great focus on the decoration of Vilnius: light decorations, creativity of communities and the original ideas of alternative Christmas that are still being born in recent days. During the first wave of the coronavirus, Vilnius residents showed that they are able to concentrate in the most difficult time and activate all their creativity. Christmas in the capital will be really brighter, closer to home and will offer a variety of alternatives.

Saulius Žiūra photo

Vilnius has been preparing for various Christmas scenarios since the summer and other formats of Christmas tree light up Ceremony along with the concert were being considered. However, with the growing number of cases in the country, even more serious measures have to be taken to ensure the safety of the population. Taking into account the latest recommendations of world and Lithuanian public health experts, similar decisions of other foreign Christmas Town organizers, the municipality and the organizers of the Christmas in Vilnius project had to make one of the most difficult decisions in the history of winter holidays. In order to ensure the safety and health of Vilnius residents, traditional events and fairs gathering masses of people had to be canceled. Thus, Christmas 3D fairy tales, Christmas train, Christmas Town, International Christmas charity fairs, Christmas design square were all given up. These festive events have all gathered thousands of crowds of people where controlling distances would be extremely difficult, and most events are generally banned altogether.

All this will be replaced by festive walks around the beautifully decorated Vilnius and alternative ideas, in which many artists and active communities have already been involved. The city will present all the mentioned above before the Christmas trees light up Ceremony.

“Let us stay responsibly in this quarantine to greet Christmas in the capital in full health. This year it will be even brighter, more spiritual, and more intimate. In the current circumstances, it would be irresponsible to continue tempting events when it is not possible to ensure compliance with distances or other requirements. We must be determined, because the health and safety of people is our main priority,”says Vilnius Deputy Mayor Edita Tamošiūnaitė.

More light decorations – for safe walks around Christmas Vilnius

Saulius Žiūra photo

Vilnius residents will be presented with a lot of festive decorations all over the city. Not only the Old Town and the center will shine where the Christmas trees of Cathedral and Town Hall squares will be decorated as well as Odminiai Square trees, central part of Šventaragis Valley, and Vingis Park access from Čiurlionio Street. Additionally, the remote areas closer to houses will have more light decorations, community spruces will be lit, neighborhoods, houses, shop windows will compete with lights, where it will be fun to walk and admire with the closest people, following all recommendations and safe distances.


For the first time, the residents of Vilnius were choosing Christmas street decorations

Saulius Žiūra photo

This year for the first time, Vilnius City Municipality had announced a competition for professionals on festive street decoration, in which the votes of the public poll were counted in selecting the winner, which determined 50 percent of the final evaluation. Residents could cast their votes on a specially created online platform on the website.

Vilnius residents gave as many as 9,126 votes to the company that won the competition. According to the decision of Vilnius residents and the commission, the winning UAB Adam Decolight will festively decorate Gedimino ave., Konstitucijos ave., the Town Hall Square, Vokiečių st., Vrublevskio st., Šventaragio st, Pilies st., Stiklių st., Aušros Vartų st. from St. Teresa Church to Aušros Vartų Chapel, Aušros Vartų st. at the Basanavičius Monument, Gariūnų st. (from Gariūnai market to the bridge over the Neris), Savanorių ave., Ukmergės st. (from Tarandės st. to the traffic light at M. Lietuvio st.), Molėtų highway (from Skersinės st. to Mokslininkų st.), Nemenčinės highway (from Svajonių st. to O. Milašiaus st.), Darius and Girėno st. (from Eišiškių highway to Kapsų st.) and Galvės st. (from Žarijų st. to Kirtimų st.). More than 179 thousand euros have been allocated for this year. The company won the decoration competition for three years.

The Christmas tree lighting will be broadcast on television

Vilnius will announce the beginning of the winter holiday season on November 28th, during the TV3 broadcast, when the main Lithuanian Christmas tree will be lit in the Cathedral Square. Traditionally, the idea of Christmas tree decoration will not be revealed until the solemn moment that everyone will see on the screens, in a cozy and safe environment of their home. And on December 5th, the second Christmas tree in the Town Hall Square will shine. It will be possible to walk around the city without gathering and safely admire the green trees until January 7th.

Christmas events and trips are canceled around the world

Concerns about COVID-19 are being felt around the world and in Vilnius, canceling mass gatherings. And fairs do not stand out here. Many European cities are massively canceling long-planned events: Christmas fairs, carnivals, marches, Christmas tree festivities and various performances. This year, the countries with the oldest traditions of celebrating Christmas have painfully but resolutely decided to refrain from violating the age-old tradition of organizing Christmas fairs. Most traditional fairs are canceled in Nuremberg, Strasbourg, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne, London, Lyon, Paris, Luxembourg, Prague, Birmingham, York, Chicago, New York, Boston, as well as neighboring Tallinn.

It has been officially announced that for the first time since 1982, the oldest Christmas fair in the United Kingdom, the world most famous fairs in Nuremberg, Strasbourg and Champs-Elysées of Paris were canceled. The Frankfurt-style Birmingham Christmas Fair, which has attracted more than 5 million visitors over the past few years, was canceled back in September. There will be no cozy New Year’s Eve party at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park in London, etc.

 “The cancellation of traditional events is sad news for those who have long planned, organized and invested in them, but we will turn Christmas in Vilnius into a different form of celebration. We will return with a colorful program of new ideas and suggestions. Most importantly is that we all must try now to make the second wave last, so that life can return to city life and we can implement many great projects planned and already created next winter,” promises Paulius Jurgutis, the head of Vilnius Culture Center, the organizer of ‘Christmas in Vilnius‘“.

Saulius Žiūra photo

Several competitions for business and citizens will be announced shortly. People will be invited to festively decorate the institutions, companies, living environment, windows and to create a festive mood in the city together with the municipality. This year, the organizers of the competition promise to give generous prizes for participating in the competitions.

The city will spend a total of about 280 thousand Euros this year on festive decoration, Christmas tree and other alternative holiday ideas.

Vilnius invites you to welcome the holidays comfortably, closer to home and optimistically – creativity is a powerful force. Let’s protect each other so we can celebrate Christmas healthy.

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The registration of applications for trade in the “Christmas Town” in the Cathedral Square has ended


Saulius Žiūra photo

We have invited all interested traders who can offer original, exclusive, high-quality products and / or goods and services to the visitors of Vilnius Christmas Fair to submit APPLICATIONS for trade in the “Christmas Town” at Cathedral Square.

It was possible to fill in and submit the participant’s APPLICATION FORM electronically in the special APPLICATION section of the website – from 31 July. until September 7.

The “Christmas Town” in the Cathedral Square is planned to take place from 28 November 2020 until 7 January 2021

For further information please contact by e-mail:




Businessmen are invited to submit applications for trade in this year’s “Christmas Town” in the Vilnius Cathedral Square


“Christmas Town“ of Vilnius is a magic feast at the heart of the city – the Cathedral Square, which became a beautiful tradition of the Christmas in Lithuanian Capital.

The Christmas Fair attracts with special festive atmosphere, hundreds of ideas of magical presents, many great Christmas delicacies and welcomes over half a million visitors from all over Lithuania and abroad each year during the winter holidays.

This year, the “Christmas Town” in the Cathedral Square will take place from 28 November 2020 to 7 January 2021 and will delight visitors for the eighth year in a row.

The organizers of the Christmas Fair, in order to ensure the diversity, originality, compliance with the festive period style and visitor expectations in the “Christmas Town“, are inviting everyone who wants to offer original, exclusive, quality products and/or goods for this year’s “Christmas Town“ visitors to submit applications until 7 September 2020.

Businessmen who want to trade at the Christmas Fair can fill in the application form electronically on the website on the menu section APPLICATION.


For further information please contact by e-mail:



Happy New Year 2020!


May this year be the most prosperous one filled with success, fun, and laughter.

May you see the peak of your personal and professional life this year!

Happy New Year 2020!

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Submission of applications for trading in Vilnius Christmas Town is over.



Christmas market 2018 / Saulius Žiūra photo

The organizers of the Christmas Fair, in order to ensure the diversity, originality, compliance with the festive period style and visitor expectations in the Christmas Town, until 30 August 2019 invited to apply everyone who wants to offer original, exclusive, quality products and/or goods for this year’s Christmas Town visitors.

Many thanks to everyone who applied! The application deadline has expired.

Vilnius Christmas Town will delight its visitors for the seventh time and will invite you to a festive bustle from 30 November 2019 to 7 January 2020.


The organizers of “Christmas in Vilnius 2019“ invite businessmen to apply for trade in “Christmas Town”



Christmas Town’ 2018 / Saulius Žiūra photo

“Christmas Town“ in Vilnius is an exclusive space granting the Christmas mood which became a beautiful city tradition in the heart of the capital – the Cathedral Square, where over half a million Vilnius residents and city guests visit each year during the winter holidays. This year, the “Christmas Town” will delight its visitors for the seventh time and invite you to a festive bustle from 30 November 2019 to 7 January 2020.

The organizers of the Christmas Fair, in order to ensure the diversity, originality, compliance with the festive period style and visitor expectations in the “Christmas Town“, are inviting everyone who wants to offer original, exclusive, quality products and/or goods for this year’s “Christmas Town“ visitors to submit applications until 30 August 2019.

To fill in the application form of the participant, the organizers invite in the section APPLICATION of the website  until 30 August 2019.


Wishing You warm Christmas