The impressive outdoor ice-rink will be opened by the White Bridge in the centre of the capital this Saturday already. Hoptrans arena under the roof will be even more comfortable for visitors, while the held cultural and sport events will definitely attract not only the fans of winter sports.

The Christmas tradition is coming bac to the capital together with the first snow – the outdoor ice-rink. The huge Hoptrans arena by the White Bridge opened this year is under the roof that protects from the changing weather. It will also have the tribunes and an operating outdoor café.

The arena that has been already nicknamed “Vilnius skating-rink” and that has already won sympathies of the city residents and guests is going to work seven days per week. It is going to organise various cultural and sport events and is going to offer free skating sessions for schoolchildren, senior persons, while on weekend mornings, they will be offered to all lovers of winter fun. All the visitors must have a Passport of Opportunities or other equivalent documents.

“It is a great joy for us that the real Christmas tradition – an ice-rink – is returning to the capital after a break. This year, we decided to make the entertainment favoured by Vilnius residents even more comfortable and to adjust it not only to skating sessions, but also to events and concerts. The huge Hoptrans arena with tribunes and an operating outdoor café will turn into a Christmas town in the city centre where the city residents and guests will find real Christmas mood,” – say representatives of PI Group of Sport Homes that is implementing the initiative of the ice-rink.

The opening party will be held on Saturday, at 5 pm. It will be hosted by DJ. The team of figure skating “Sidabrinė pačiūža” (en. Silver Skate) will try the ice the first and will give an exceptional show. Afterwards, free skating session will be offered to all the guests.

“We want to use the surroundings of the White Bridge not only for summer, but also for winter sports, so, the municipality decided to give special free sessions to Vilnius residents, mainly to schoolchildren and senior residents – the groups, whose physical activity and immunity strengthening are very important for health during this difficult period,” – says Vilnius Vice-Mayor, Mr. Valdas Benkunskas.

Free skating sessions for schoolchildren will be offered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 12:00 and 1:15 pm. The senior residents are welcome at the same time on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On weekends (Saturday and Sunday), all city residents will be able to skate free of charge at 10:00 in Vilnius skating-rink. The total number of persons admitted to the skating-rink for one session is 68 persons, so, a live queue to free skating sessions will be formed.

Vilnius residents who are getting used to skates more and more are enjoying temporary ice-rinks that have been opened for several seasons already. If weather is favourable, it is planned to keep Hoptrans arena and skating-rink opened by the White Bridge for Vilnius residents and guests until the first weekend of March.