The Christmas period ends with the Epiphany holiday (6 January), which commemorates the three kings (Gaspar, Melchior and Balthazar) who visited baby Jesus. The events of the end of festive season in Vilnius will start near the Gates of Dawn at 16:30. The parade of the three kings’ effigies will take place the city streets and will end with a traditional performance that includes placing a crib at Cathedral Square.

The final event of the Christmas period will be marked by saying goodbye to the Christmas tree in the courtyard of the Teachers’ House (Mokytojų namai, on Vilnius Street) at 18:00.

The occasion is not just a way of bidding farewell to one of our city’s best-loved Christmas icons, it’s also a way of celebrating the end of the festive season, and a sign for all of us to get on with the new year.

We’d love it if you would be able to join us!